Spotted Salamander
Does this animal give birth to live birth? No it does not. The female deposits her eggs between the month of January and late March, and in the mountains late February to early March.
How many offspring does the Spotted Salamander produce at one time? 1-200 offspring at a time.
How long does the mother carry the young? The incubation time for a spotted salamander's egg is four to seven weeks. The hatching interval is from April to May, and the larval time is two to four months.
What is the weight of the young Spotted Salamander at birth? The weight of the Spotted Salamander at birth is not very much. It doesn't weigh a lot at all.
How long does the young stay with the mother? The mother and the young do not stay together at all. The mother does not care for her young, she lets them raise themselves wit no help at all from the mother.
What is the lifespan of the Spotted Salamander? In the wild, it lives up to twenty years, but in captivity, it lives up to thirty years.