Spotted Salamander


Green Algae
Tussock Sedge
Common Cattail
Yellow Pond Lily
Common Duckweed
Long-leaf Pondweed
Greater Bladderwort
White Cushion Moss
Virginia Creeper
Cinnamon Fern
Poison Ivy
Spotted Jewelweed
Lizard's Tail
Bracken Fern
Japanese Honeysuckle
Running Cedar


Southern United States where the Spotted Salamander lives.

Special Adaptations:

What is special about how the Spotted Salamander eats? The Spotted Salamander eats by shooting out its long tongue that is covered in sticky saliva and catches its prey and snaps its tongue back into its mouth.
The Spotted Salamander is nocturnal.
Does the Spotted Salamander have any special body parts that help it in its habitat?  It can swim and its slender body helps it move quickly in and out of places.


The Spotted Salamander lives throughout Canada.

Are there any myths or fables about this animal? Yes, there is one that says it was born from fire. Since the Spotted Salamanders seek out in moist and protected areas, and they usually would find shelter in logs. Since logs are thrown into fires and the Spotted Salamanders stayed in logs, they would run out when the logs were thrown into the fires, starting the myth that they were born of fire.
How does it behave with other animals? It does not spend a lot of time with other animals because it stays underground most of the day and is nocturnal so only comes out at night to hunt.